What are the types and functions of ship navigation signal lights?

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The ship navigation signal lights are divided into three colors of red, white and green, and are vertically installed on both sides of the main mast. It is used for different purposes in various situations and represents a certain meaning.

(1) Mast top: The lights placed above the mast of the ship or above the center line of the bow and stern, display uninterrupted lights in a horizontal arc of 225 degrees, and the device should make the lights from the front of the ship to the beam of each side After displaying within 22.5 degrees.

(2) Sidelights: The red lights on the port side and the green lights on the starboard side are installed on the left and right sides of the high deck of the ship, and each displays uninterrupted lights within a horizontal arc of 112.5 degrees from the bow to the stern. The device is to enable the lights to be displayed within 22.5 degrees from the front of the ship to the rear of the beam on each side.

(3) Tail light: a white light placed in the middle of the stern. To display uninterrupted lights in a horizontal arc of 135 degrees, so arranged that the lights are displayed within 67.5 degrees on each side from directly astern of the ship. The height of the mast light should be as level as possible with the side light, but not higher than the side light.

Use of lights in other situations

(1) When at anchor: only the anchor light (one white all-round light) is displayed.

(2) Ships out of control: In addition to sidelights and sternlights (which are turned off when not moving in the water), two vertical all-round red lights should be displayed at easily visible places.

(3) Vessels limited to draft: In addition to sidelights, sternlights and mastlights, three vertical all-round red lights must be displayed where they are easy to see.