What safety equipment is on board

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With the vigorous development of the marine entertainment industry, more and more people like to spend their time at sea, especially for some adventure lovers, individuals or friends of three or five go sailing to sea to experience the sea scenery. Before that, you must understand the safety equipment used on board to ensure safe navigation.

1. VHF walkie-talkie

VHF walkie-talkies are maritime walkie-talkies, which not only have communication functions, but also can be used as safety equipment. First of all, the maritime walkie-talkie is waterproof and has a one-key emergency function. As long as the ship is within the communication range, it will receive the message and give some help. Some maritime walkie-talkies also have a GPS function, which can display the corresponding coordinates, so once you contact other ships, you can accurately inform the other party of your coordinates, so that the other party can quickly find you.

2. Electronic chart

The electronic chart on the ship is also our GPS navigation. Most of the functions on the ship will be displayed and operated on this navigation screen. The chart can be zoomed in and out. The position of the ship and the real-time navigation direction, navigation track, navigation speed and other information will also display the wind force and direction, as well as the direction and speed of other ships in the nearby sea area. The electronic chart will mark the water depth and shipwreck in all sea areas Reefs and other information, after zooming in on the electronic chart, we can see the water depth around our ship and on our scheduled route, so as long as we are not careless and do not take the risk of sailing in shallow water areas, running aground on rocks during navigation can be completely avoided.

3. Life jacket

The boat must be equipped with sufficient life jackets. It is enough for ships sailing near the shore to be equipped with foam buoyancy life jackets, and ships on long-distance sailings should also be equipped with self-inflating life jackets. In terms of safety, you must be equipped with qualified life jackets, and you must also be equipped with inflatable life jackets for long-distance voyages. Sailing people around me usually prepare these personal safety equipment by themselves. This kind of self-inflating life jacket will automatically inflate once a person falls into the water, and can ensure that the face is always facing up without choking water. At the same time, it will not fail after being soaked in the sea for a long time, while the ordinary life jacket in the picture above is soaked in sea water for a long time. It will fail, and people will easily choke on the water when they accidentally fall into the water and lose consciousness. The buoyancy is small, and the buoyancy cannot be guaranteed when the wind and waves are strong. Therefore, it is necessary to be equipped with this kind of automatic inflatable life jacket when sailing offshore. mask.